30 signs you’re a travel addict

30 signs you're a travel addict

The good news is, travel addiction is a healthy addiction. It enriches you, helps you to meet yourself and it gives you memorable experiences. These are the signs you’re infected with the travel bug.

1. 99,9% on your bucket list is completely made up of places.

2. When people see you they always make the same sarcastic remark ‘Ooh you’re in town’.

3. You daydream about traveling all the time.

4. People don’t ask you ‘do you already have a boyfriend’ but ‘where are you going to next?’

5. You’re already planning your next trip during your current trip.

6. You have a travel tattoo or you’re planning to have one.

7. Your smartphone is full of travel apps. From Google maps to currency converters and language translators, your smartphone is literally stocked with a library of useful travel apps.

8. Watching movies makes you want to travel.

9. The only reason you work is to pay your travels.

10. You compare the prices of almost anything with the prices of plane tickets. ‘A purse of 500 euros? Excuse me?! With that money I can buy a plane ticket to Thailand’.

11. You’re not waiting for someone to travel with you.

12. When you’re not traveling you fantasize about traveling.

13. You can sleep anywhere and everywhere.

14. All the presents you receive are related to traveling.

15. You never fully unpack your luggage.

16. You have Facebook friends from all over the world.

17. You read travel blogs more often than the newspaper.

18. 99% of the pictures appearing on your Instagram overview are travel photos.

19. You have different types of currencies in your wallet.

20. You feel at home almost anywhere, except at home.

21. You know at least a few phrases in a few foreign languages.

22. As a well-experienced traveler you can communicate with pretty much anyone.

23. If people ask you about your dreams the only thing that pops up in your head is ‘making a world trip of course’.

24. You start all your stories with “When I was in…”

25. You don’t have paintings on your walls, you have maps.

26. As other people love to go back home, you feel your heart breaking, literally.

27. You become restless if it gets to be too long between trips.

28. You buy everything that has the print of a world map.

29. You know capitals, city codes and airlines by heart.

30. When you see an airplane you can’t help but wishing you were on it.

Congratulations for being a travel addict, the most beautiful addiction. Looking for inspiration for your next travel? Check out my destinations.

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