72 hours in Paris

72 hours in Paris

Quite last minute (on the day itself), me and a friend decided to go to Paris for 3 days. As plane tickets are extremely expensive during extended weekends we decided to go by car. Paris is only a 3,5-hour drive from Brussels. We booked a simple hotel for three nights, Hotel Abrial and arrived Friday evening at 10 pm.

Day 1: Montmartre, Champs Elysees and everything in between

The first day we went to Montmartre. This is definitely my favorite place in Paris. It’s really cozy and you have a lot of very nice, small restaurants out there. On top of the hill you find the famous Sacre Coeur. Not as big as you would expect it but definitely worth a visit.

Afterwards we went to eat something on the small square next to the Sacre Coeur. As a child, I always visited France with my parents. Therefore, I choose to eat what the 6-year old me used to eat in France: chicken with fries. For a moment, I felt 6 years old again. A very nostalgic moment and I enjoyed every second of it.

72 hours in Paris – Montmartre

After lunch we passed by the Moulin de la Galette, a beautiful windmill that became very famous thanks to painter Van Gogh, who immortalized Le Moulin de la Galette in a painting. As you can see, it’s definitely worth a picture.

72 hours in Paris – Moulin de la galette

On our way to the Champs Elysees, we passed by the famous Moulin Rouge. It was when taking a picture with the famous mill I saw the ‘billeterie’. There I could buy the champagne ticket for that night for 122 euro, which was cheaper than buying a ticket online.

I’m afraid of heights but still I love views from the sky. So we took a ride in the ‘Grande Roue de Paris’. You can see the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, a stunning view. The ride costed 12 euro.

Tip: By night, the wheel enlightens, which is very beautiful 

Grande Roue de Paris
72 hours in Paris – Grande Roue de Paris

After the ride we walked through the wonderful Tuileries Gardens straight to the Louvre Museum. I didn’t visit the museum because I’ve already admired the beautiful (but small) Mona Lisa painting a few years ago. But still it’s a beautiful museum from the outside. A nice place to chill for a while.

72 hours in Paris - Tuileries Gardens
72 hours in Paris – Tuileries Gardens

72 hours in Paris - Louvre

Afterwards we drove down the Champs Elysees, direction Arc de Triomphe. The arc stands in the middle of the most confusing and the busiest roundabout in Paris. You can go on top of the Arc but we decided not to because we already enjoyed the view in the Roue De Paris.

Next to the Eiffel tower, there is a nice lawn where you can chill out with some drinks and food.

Tip: Go to the supermarket and buy some drinks and food. There are guys walking around trying to sell beer and other drinks, but it’s scandalously expensive

Eiffel Tower
72 hours in Paris – Eiffel Tower

At 11 pm we went to the Féerie show in Moulin rouge. It was A-MA-ZING! I was already impressed just by entering the room. It was extremely cozy, with all the red lights and small tables. We bought the Champagne tickets because we only paid 12 euros extra for a bottle of champagne but the taste was disgusting. The 2-hour show on the other hand was astonishing. I only expected dancers but there were different impressive acts with snakes and acrobats. So when you have the chance to see a show, do it, it’s worth the money!

Moulin Rouge
72 hours in Paris – Moulin Rouge

Day 2: Notre Dame, French onion soup and lovebridges

When in Paris of course you have to see the Notre Dame. When we arrived I saw the waiting line and decided not to enter. The line was too long and I have no patience at all. But it is a nice neighborhood to go for a walk. When passing by all the restaurants I noticed one dish that was always on the menu: French Onion Soup, a French specialty with crumbles and cheese, really delicious. You can find it in every restaurant in Paris. I tasted it and I’m a big fan.

Notre Dame
72 hours in Paris – Notre Dame

I’d already given up looking for a ‘lovebridge’ (since it’s forbidden almost everywhere) when I finally found one, called Pont Neuf. I know it is a lovebridge but I’ve been single for so long and I think singles deserve a lock on the lovebridge too. So, proudly I locked my purple lock and threw away the key. It felt GREAT!

Pont Neuf lockbridge
72 hours in Paris – Pont Neuf lockbridge

Next stop? Theatre Bataclan on Boulevard Voltaire. The place where the terrorist attack found place in November 2015. I recognized the place from the television and it really hit me to be honest. It was like feeling what happened there. Not a nice feeling when you’re on holiday but somehow I needed to see it.

Flowers to honor the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris
72 hours in Paris – Bataclan

Under the motto ‘getting inked in every country’ (I already have tattoos from 5 different countries), I went to a tattoo shop called Abraxas. In Belgium you need appointments to get a tattoo and my life is too unpredictable for that so I was happy to find out they could make time for me. Plus it’s a forever memory to my trips. So I got a tattoo in Paris, placed by a guy from Nepal, God I love multiculturalism!

My travel tattoo
72 hours in Paris – my travel tattoo

Tip: If you want to go out, go to Bastille. A nice place with a street full of bars and clubs.

Day 3: Cosy streets & cute macarons 

As New York is my favorite city in the world, I went to the French, mini version of the Statue of Liberty. Nothing special but I just love NYC. When wandering through the cozy, small streets of Paris I bumped into Maison Georges Larnicol on 132 Boulevard Saint-Germain. A snug shop with the best Macarons in Paris, at least when I believe my grandmother. I don’t eat them myself but bought them as a present for her and she really loved them. Before driving home we went to the memorial site of Lady Diana. It is beautiful to see how she’s still not forgotten.

And then I left the beautiful city behind.

Lady Diana memorial
72 hours in Paris – Lady Diana memorial

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