My 2 favorite restaurants, places, and tourist attractions in NYC

As New York was one of my best trips E-VER, I would love to share my favorite places to eat and visit with you. You can read my whole travel journal here.

My 2 favorite restaurants in NYC

1. The meatball shop

The meatball shop New York
The meatball shop New York

To be honest, the main reason I visited this restaurant is because of the name. Sounds great doesn’t it?! And so was the food. The concept is very nice. They make it possible to create your own meal. But wait for the waitress to explain you the menu, it can be confusing.

You can choose different kinds of meat: pork, chicken, classic beef, veggie or special one of the day. After that you can choose one out of 6 different sauces and a side dish (spaghetti, salad, bread, mashed potatoes,…) I chose the pork meatballs with, mashed potatoes and hot tomato sauce. DE-LI-CIOUS, definitely the best food I’ve eaten in New York, and probably also the cheapest. I only paid 15 dollars for it, and believe me, that’s cheap in NYC.

The meatball shop is quite popular in New York, you already have 7 of them, I visited the one in Upper West Side, 447 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

2. Ellen’s stardust dinner


Ellen’s stardust, located on Broadway, is another restaurant with a great concept. What makes it so special is the singing waitstaff. You can enjoy your food while watching future Broadway stars giving the best of themselves. The restaurant has a retro look, typically American as you see it in the movies, I love it! But let’s be honest, you don’t have to go there for the food. It’s rather tasteless. So I recommend you to choose a small dish, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of money for nothing.

Ellen’s stardust is extremely popular so keep in mind you’ll have to wait outside for 30 minutes or more. Especially when you travel solo like I did. They let couples and groups enter first, depending on people who leave. Like they think money is more important than customer service. I wanted to visit the restaurant so badly so I kept waiting. After one hour I could finally enter but I could only sit at the bar. Not so nice when you’ve had a back operation and always have to turn around to see the singers. But I’m still glad I’ve experienced it and I would do it all over again.

My 2 favorite places in NYC

1. Central park


Central park is definitely my number one place in New York. It is so extremely beautiful, you see children playing baseball, artists are singing, joggers,… Central park gave me a special kind of energy. Take your time to lay down in the grass and watch the skyscrapers. Then you’ll realize New York is like no other city in the world.

2. High Line

High Line New York
High Line New York

Another highlight in New York is the High Line. The High Line is an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. You can go there to take a walk or to read a book. I took the bus to 23th West street, 10th Ave, where I entered the High Line, but you can enter from different places.

Tip: Check out the calendar to see the upcoming events.

My 2 favorite tourist attractions

1. Top of The Rock


Top of The Rock really rocks! This was definitely one of my highlights in NYC. I visited the Top of The Rock at 8 am and the Empire State Building at 11 pm. When you have the chance to visit them both do it, but when you have to choose one I recommend Top of The Rock. You can see the Empire State Building on one side and Central park on the other side. It’s breathtaking and no picture is able to show you how it looks like in real life.

2. Broadway musical

The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway
The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway

The Phantom Of The Opera has always been my favorite movie and now I finally had the chance to see the show in real life! I booked my ticket in advance, it costed about 140 dollars for the first category. I was sitting on the front row which was awesome, it’s the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen! But of course, up to you to discover it yourself 😉

Tip: I read on the internet that you can buy cheap tickets last minute but unfortunately nothing was further from the truth. The ticket prices for a musical during that week were about 500 dollars!

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